Trauma Informed Yoga

Individuals who suffer from trauma-related symptoms are a unique population that could benefit from the mind-body practice of yoga—or have their symptoms reactivated by it, depending on the type of yoga. Trauma-informed yoga (TIY), that is, yoga adapted to the unique needs of individuals working to overcome trauma, may ameliorate symptoms by creating a safe, tailored practice for students to learn how to respond, rather than react, to symptoms and circumstances.

Trap Yoga

Trap Yoga is a project that has created hope in a community of health seekers that see yoga as a practice that can help heal the effects of racial trauma.

What is Trap Yoga? 


How does Yoga help people of color?

Trap Yoga Links:

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What's next with Trap Yoga?

Our goal was to get 5 people of color certified in yoga.  To date, we have 2 coaches that are certified and an additional certification in Trauma informed yoga.  Synergy Coach partnered with William Wells Brown Elementary and has done two 6-week courses with 1st-5th graders.  The acroynym stands for:

      T - Think about your actions

      R - Remember you control your emotions

      A - Acknowledge your feelings

      P - Practice mindfulness

In 2020, we exposed 100 children to Trap Yoga and look forward to working with Fayette County Public Schools for another school year.  The children need yoga mats, blocks and straps.  To donate, click here.


Power lifting meet will showcase the strongest men and women in Lexington for 3 different lifts: Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. Proceeds from the EMPower lifting meet will go for the Resolve 3D program

to help individuals who are in recovery from opioid/alcohol addiction to become personal trainers.

Marketing Mastermind

Local first generation entrepreneurs need accountability to develop their brand! The Marketing Mastermind’s goal is to grow minority owned marketing businesses that can support other entrepreneurs in the community.  Membership for the marketing mastermind pays for a year of accountability with other small business owners. Currently there are 4 organizations/businesses represented in Marketing Mastermind. 

Executive Coaching

Resolve Fitness is a wellness movement designed to educate, empower, and exceed expectations its members through creating synergy with coaches of different backgrounds; improving the wellness experience for wellness seekers; and igniting the passion of entrepreneurs in wellness. We help you discover your talent, develop strengths, and deliver your brand to the marketplace powerfully.

Leasing Space

Need a place to train your clients or a space to train your clients and receive coaching? Reach out today! 

Gym Membership

Would you like to be apart of our diverse community? COMING SOON!!!