Resolve Fitness is a wellness incubator that stimulates dreams, because people who dream are people who create and people who create facilitate peace. We empower those who have triumphed over pain to breathe life into the resolve of others.



Trap Yoga is a project that has created hope in a community of health seekers that see yoga as a practice that can help heal the effects of racial trauma. 

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Commerce Lexington 2017 and 2019 Minority Business of the Year

The 7 year old small business that has lived by a “proven process” making it not only a good “minority owned small business” but a legitimate and relevant small business.

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We provide space to train your clients, business coaching, and executive coaching!  You can accelerate your plan and train at Resolve for 9 months or pay rent until you are ready to step out on your own!



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There is no question that I am the leader I am today thanks to Larry Jackson and Synergy Coach, LLC. I worked with Larry Jackson at Synergy Coach for over 3 years where I not only learned about wellness but about investing into people. One of the biggest leadership lessons I learned from Larry is this: there are times you have intentionally pave the way for people to succeed. Success isn't achieved by happenstance, it happens by putting your hand the plow and creating a path whether or not others think you deserve it. It's through adversity that your character and drive are developed. It's through "push back" that you should keep pushing because you know you're onto something great!


I am currently a Connections Pastor at a local church. My role is to connect people to knowing God, finding freedom, discovering their purpose, and to make a difference. I look at what I do now and know that so much of my current role parallels to my time as a Coach. "Synergy Coach was built over a cup of coffee" is a mantra we lived by as a team, but it's also a mantra for anyone looking to develop people. 

- Toni Davis, Personal Trainer

"When I first reached out to Larry about getting back into training, I was at one of the lowest points in my career. I had been used and abused by big box gyms so much that after nearly 10 years in the industry I had nothing but my name to show for my work. I was tired and I had been pushed out of training due to a noncompete.

Larry told me about Synergy Coach and took me under his wing. I won't lie, I was afraid to get back into training. I have a family to provide for and I couldn't afford to make any missteps. Larry helped me through experience and 1 on 1 coaching to grow my business, CSS Wellness, to a point where I could secure our own location. 

Not only did Synergy Coach provide a landing pad for me at my lowest point, it helped me recognize the talent I have and built me up to be the businessman I am today. Larry believed in me when I needed it most, and without him I wouldn't be where I am today."

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Larry was one of my first clients, and it's been inspiring to watch his growth, and more importantly, see his contribution to this community of entrepreneurs.   He has always believed in the power of social entrepreneurship, and he's demonstrated that belief through his own work with Resolve Fitness, Synergy Coach, and all the other brands and individuals he's helped cultivate. 


Resolve represents the future of health and wellness, by creating a space for the most needed kinds of healing and recovery, for those who need it most.   This is the kind of business that we need in Kentucky, one that is dedicated to serving our health and wellness needs in a comprehensive, effective way.

- Jonah Brown, Consultant


We'd love for you to come by and schedule a training session with us, whether it be a private session, semi-private session, or a group fitness class.  The journey to your wellness starts now.






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